Scenic vr at Adobe max

Join Scenic VR this week in Las Vegas for the Adobe Max Conference, October 18-20. Scenic creators will be leading a special session, "Creative Virtual Reality Video", giving practical tips about making VR, and showing new work. 

The National: Something Out of Nothing

Scenic director Marshall Curry has collaborated on a new VR documentary with The New York Times about the band The National. Join them onstage during an epic performance in Copenhagen and in their Hudson Valley recording studio as they create their new album, “Sleep Well Beast.”  

scenic and artsy go
”inside the biennale”

Scenic and Artsy have collaborated to bring you a behind-the-scenes VR documentary series about the world's most influential art exhibition, the 57th Venice Biennale of Art. New episodes of this 9-part series are being released weekly. You can watch these 3D 360° videos now in your browser or VR headset.

this is what the future looked like

This Is What the Future Looked Like, directed by Sam Green and Gary Hustwit, explores the philosophies and work of futurist architect Buckminster Fuller. Featuring stunning 360° views of Fuller's geodesic domes that are only possible with VR, and an original score by Yo La Tengo, this new VR piece is currently being shown at film and VR festivals. Wider release details soon.